As part of being a Microsoft Partner, Data Support offers cloud services from Microsoft. Cloud computing (sometimes called Hosted Solutions) is the utilisation of another companys server in exchange for a monthly fee.
The advantage of cloud computing is that smaller businesses can take advantage of an expensive product at a low cost-per-user basis. An example of this would be an Exchange server (used for email services); Rather than buying:

  • server hardware (which has to be upgraded every 3-5 years)
  • A robust internet link with high availability
  • A Microsoft Windows Server license
  • A Microsoft Exchange license
  • Associated Client Access Licences
  • Support if it goes wrong
  • Maintenance to ensure the Exchange logs are cleared regularly and backups are working
  • Backup systems in case Exchange fails and needs to be rebuilt


… All of which will easily reach thousands of dollars, Exchange Online by comparrison can be purchased at just USD$5 per user, per month and is hosted by Microsoft with a 99.9% uptime guarrentee.

Amoung the cloud services offered by Data Support we offer:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online, for email and calendar services
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online, for intranet services and sharing files online
  • Microsoft Windows Intune, for managing PCs
  • Microsoft Office Communications Online, for presence availability, instant messaging, and peer to peer audio calls
  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting, for video conferencing over the internet

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