Get a blog and become a professional blogger.

Blogs can be used to:

  • Market your business online – Why not make a blog that gives advice about your industry or does reviews that pushes visitors towards your corporate website?
  • Make money from advertising on your blog – Data Support can setup a blog with advertising from an advertising affiliate so you get paid to write articles on your blog. Once you have enough articles so that your artvertising is paying more than the cost of the blog, you might think about starting another blog while you collect money from the old one, or just sit back and relax
  • Write about your hobbies (show off your stamp collection)
  • Or just keep a diary

Data Support charges just $200 (inc. GST) a year for your first blog then just $50 (inc GST) a year for subsequent blogs, this includes:

  • A blog that you can upload your own articles to – It’s just like writing in Microsoft Word, no technical knowledge required
  • A template design that has adverts built into it – No need to ask people to advertise on your website, all you have to do is write articles
  • An optional template that has no adverts – Useful if you want a blog to market a business and you don’t want competitors advertising on your website
  • Blog hosting
  • 1 Domain name per blog

Got A Blog?

If you have a blog with a lot of traffic and want to make more money from that traffic, why not talk to Data Support about having a newsletter subscription on your blog? Getting people to sign up is a great way to ensure people keep coming back to your blog or to build a marketing list that can be used to sell products or promote other blogs / websites.

Talk to Data Support about how to get a blog and become a professional blogger now.