Most people spend thousands of dollars on building a great website, but spend nothing promoting that website!

Data Support can help you promote your website and attract more traffic using Internet Marketing and Internet Advertising.

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising uses advert networks, such as Google Adwords or Adbrite to advertise your websites on other websites, paying them on a per referal or per advert basis. Internet Advertising is a great way to get fast results and in the past has been used to temporarily build links to websites, giving a temporary SEO boost.

To start advertising your website on the internet, click the link below. Alternatively, contact Data Support to manage your advertising campaign. Data Support has a lot of experience working with different advertising networks and can fine tune your online advertising efficiently to make the most of your budget. Data Support can ensure that your budget is not wasted on advertising models and networks that are not effective for your business and tune targeted advertising keywords of demographics to ensure that the leads you pay for yeild the best results.

Internet Advertising is a fast and effective way of getting results, but the downside is that you pay for each customer you recieve (making it all the more important that your advertising campaign is efficient). There is a free alternative way to promote your website: Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is all about using social techniques to get others to promote your website. Data Support offers the following options for your website:

Newsletter Subscriptions

Newsletters are a great way to make people aware of your new products and services and manage communications. Data Support can put a link on your website so visitors can sign up to receive newsletters from you. Newsletters can be sent out via a secret logon on the website or an email list can be downloaded and emails can be sent out from any mail client. As required by the law, visitors have the option to unsubscribe from at any time via the website.

Newsletter Subscriptions costs $300 or $6 per month on our Go! Website Design plan.

Social Networking Buttons

The chances are you’ve used Social Networking Buttons before but haven’t realised. Social Networking Buttons are buttons on a website that visitors can click to tell all the people they know about the website. These are a great advertising method because people that are interested in your products tend to have social groups that are interested in similar things and once set up, Social Networking Buttons are a free source of word-of-mouth advertising for your website.

Social Networking Buttons costs $200 or $50 on our Go! Website Design plan.

Internet Meme’s and Games

Internet Meme’s are anything on the internet that becomes famous. Examples of this are funny video’s like “The dancing baby” or “Crazy Frog”. Internet Meme’s or flash games can be used to encourage people to link to your website and email links to your website between their friends. So why would someone with a professional website put a game on their website? Well, look at for example. Seek have games on their website that are not advertised on the homepage – this is because they don’t want people to go onto their site to play games, they want people to be attracted onto the site with a game and then navigate away from the game to the core interest of the business.

For pricing on flash games on your website or to find out what types of internet meme’s Data Support has planned, please contact us.

Marketing Polls

Do you want to know what your website visitors think about a product orĀ perhaps you want to ask your customers about the usability of your new website? Marketing Polls from Data Support lets you do exactly that. With Marketing Polls built into your website you can create polls that allow visitors to vote for anything you like and collect Data to ensure you are giving your customers what they want and help you maximize your revenue from your efforts.

Marketing Polls can be implemented for as little as $250 or $50 on our Go! Website Design plan.


There are a broad range of techniques available when using FaceBook for marketing. To learn more about how FaceBook Marketing, FBML (making a customized FaceBook fan page to match your website or brand) and FaceBook Application development, visit our blog about FaceBook marketing or contact Data Support.