• Did you know that the top 3 websites listed in a Google search get 80% of search traffic?
  • Did you know that 90% of people use Google as their only search engine?
  • Getting people to be able to find your website in Google is vital for generating sales leads from your website

Most people spend thousands of dollars on building a great website, but spend nothing on making sure that website can actually be found by people online!

Here are 4 simple steps to get your website found by potential customers:

  1. Make sure your website content is optimised with the correct keywords and structure so Google knows what search keywords relate to your website
  2. Research which keywords people search for online in your industry – Perhaps you’ve optimised your “search engine optimisation” website for keywords relating to “search engine optimisation”, but your customers are all searching for “get my website found in Google” or “Google Optimisation”, or even something as simple as a spelling mistake “search engine optimization” or acronym “SEO”? If you optimise your website for the wrong keywords, people won’t be able to find you in Google
  3. Build links to your website. Google gives each website a ranking based on many factors, including how many other websites link back to your website. Google then uses this ranking to pick the order to display webpages with equally relevant content. The website with the most links to it will get higher in the results page in Google.
  4. Finally, if your website still isn’t showing up in Google, it’s possible that it’s been blocked or heavily penalized. Check that your website hasn’t been blocked by Google.

Data Support has a number SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) packages to help you get your website found or listed higher in Google

SEO Analysis

Data Support does a full SEO analysis of the layout of your website, content and Meta tags. Data Support also researches what keywords people search for around your industry and gives you a report from Google showing how many people search for those keywords each month and recommendations on how to better target these keywords.

SEO analysis costs $50 plus $20 per webpage, however if your website was made by Data Support, we charge $50 plus $10 per webpage.

Link Building

Data Support also offers link building services. There are a variety of services around this from buying links to your website, learning techniques to encourage people to link to your website all the way through to knocking a particular competitor off the top spot in Google. Because Google’s way of recognising links changes regularly, please contact Data Support to see what services we have available around link building.

SEO Performance Monitoring

Without monitoring the performance of your website, there is no way to know if your search engine optimisation has yielded any results. Data Support can set up an account that lets you get reports straight from Google. This report shows you:

-          What keywords made your website show up in Google searches

-          What keywords Google associates with your website

-          Which keywords Google perceives to be the most important for your website

-          How many websites link to your website

-          If there are any problems with your site that stop Google from indexing your website

SEO Performance Monitoring costs $50 to set up plus $1 a month. If you are using Data Support’s Go! Website Design package, there is no setup fee.

Internet Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation is pretty important because it enables your customers to find your business, rather than finding a competitor when they are searching for you. It also has the benefit of generating sales leads, but there are other ways of doing this through Internet Marketing. Internet marketing is about advertising your website online – something that can be free or paid for.

Many people spend thousands of dollars on building a great website, but spend nothing promoting it.

Click the link for more information on Internet Marketing or contact Data Support for more info.