Website Hosting from Data Support

Data Support offers a couple of options around hosting your website. The first option is our private hosting solution. This is a superior hosting package offering 25Gb of hosting space (99.99% of websites use less than 0.5Gb of disk space), no cap on the amount of data transfered (unlimited bandwidth), a free domain name of your choosing, as many email accounts under that domain name that you want with email hosting and more…

Here is a summary of our private hosting package:

  • 25Gb hosting space
  • Free domain name (such as
  • Free advice on how to choose a domain name that’s good for SEO
  • Free DNS hosting and setup
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • UNIX Hosting
  • Hosting in Australia (this means that download speeds to New Zealand are fast, but also fast to the rest of the world, which is important for SEO – Ask us why)
  • Free Setup
  • Technical support
  • Cost: $150 per year (GST included)

The great thing about our hosting package is that it is everything that you need with no tricks or hidden costs like most other hosts. Also, we set everything up for you, so you don’t need to know about how to setup DNS records correctly, etc…

Private Hosting Comparison

Here is a comparison of Xtra’s closest hosting package.

Hosting Provider Data Supports Private Hosting Telecom Xtra Private Hosting
Disk space 25Gb 20Gb
Bandwidth Unlimited 500Gb
Cost $150 per year (GST included) $600 + GST per year

In fairness to Telecom, most businesses wont use the full 20Gb of hosting and 500Gb of bandwidth, but the price is much cheaper. Here’s a comparison of Telecoms cheapest hosting package.

Hosting Provider WebDesignzSEO Private Hosting Telecom Xtra’s Cheapest Private Hosting
Disk space 25Gb 5Gb
Bandwidth Unlimited 200Gb
Cost $150 per year (GST included) $180 + GST per year

As you can see, our hosting package is better than Telecoms best package and at the same time, cheaper than Telecoms cheapest package. We can also boast that we have more features than Telecoms hosting packages.

So why is our private hosting so cheap? Simple, it’s not our business strategy to make large amounts of money from our hosting. Our business is built around providing great service and great quality. The focus of our web services are our website design, SEO and Internet Marketing services. As these things rely on the ability to host a website, we wanted to make sure we can offer our customers everything they need.

This brings us to our second option around hosting, which is our Go! Website Design package. If you are in need of a website or a website redesign, this is your best option as it has no annual hosting charge and is a very affordable, but professionally designed website. Click here for more information.

To purchase hosting, or for information please feel free to contact us.